Synthetic Roof UnderlaymentSynthetic Roof Underlayment

Roof Underlayment

Synthetic Roof Underlayment
Roofing has advanced over a period of time, thus the underlayment should too. Green Energy specializes & focuses on supplying customized Synthetic Roof Underlayment. We understand how critical roofing underlayment is to a roofing project, hence, our synthetic roof underlayment, has additional benefits, too. Synthetic roof underlayments are the future of roofing underlayment products and roofer safety. The roofing industry had been stale for several decades. The challenge was to improve the performance qualities of roofing. Keeping in Line with Technological Advancements, we came up with a supply of products which is lightweight, wider width, and extended run length underlayment & designed as an alternative to asphalt-saturated felt, which allows fewer laps, cuts, and easier roll handling compared to felt, enhancing the life of the roof. paper for roofing.
The underlayment will not rot, buckle or crack and provides slip resistance for workers on the rooftop deck. Our single underlayment sheet has a woven polymeric scrim for better strength and decreased slippage between the underlayment and the roof’s protective covering. A textured top surface fabric improves walking ability during installation. Also, our synthetic roof underlayment USA is highly tear-resistant, whether it is by walking on it or UV breakdown.


Synthetic Roof Underlayment

Synthetic Roof Underlayment supplied by Green Energy can be precisely attached to several different substrates, making it a magnificent underlayment solution for new and re-roofing applications. When it comes to Roofing Protection, most people prefer Arkina Synthetic Roof Underlayment as it provides strong resistance to moisture, rains, and cold winds, making it a highly effective secondary protection. When it’s installed, correctly it offers better protection from the weather compared to felt roofing.
Innovative high traction surfaces, excellent durability, advanced manufacturing by industry professionals, and many other unique features, make underlayments supplied by Green Energy the smart choice for today’s roofing professionals. Equally as important, this moisture-resistant synthetic underlayment is a water barrier built to stand strong when it’s needed the most.
Roof Underlayments supplied by Green Energy, are lighter and easier to handle making them faster to install. It is easy to install around vents, dormers, and other roof structures. Synthetic roof underlayment supplied by us can be used in extremely low temperatures without becoming stiff and difficult to unroll. It also does not dry out, or leach oils in the heat like felt. Our underlayment is 100% synthetic, water-resistant, and wrinkle-free just unlike traditional felt. It also lays flat and will remain 100% impervious to mold.


    • ✔ Effective protection against extreme weather conditions
    • ✔ Water and moisture resistance.
    • ✔ Lightweight, strong and durable.
    • ✔ Anti-slip texture.
    • ✔ UV protection.
    • ✔ Easy installation.
    • ✔ Wrinkle/buckle-proof.
    • ✔ Eco-friendly & recyclable material.
    • ✔ Providing a temporary barrier from the weather should rain or snow pass the joints of the primary roof covering.
    • ✔ Secured & Effortless.
    • ✔ Accurate Installation.
    • ✔ 4 X Lighter and Stronger.
    • ✔ Additional material coverage per roll.
    • ✔ Dynamic steep slope traction.
    • ✔ Enhanced Walkability.
    • ✔ Better Leak Protection.
    • ✔ Fewer Tears Around Fasteners.
    • ✔ No buckling, warping,- or cracking.
    • ✔ No mold growth, rot,- or dry out.
    • ✔ Advanced backside non-slip coating.
    • ✔ Low-temperature flexibility.

Arkina™ ROOF UNDERLAYMENT | Technical Specifications:

Fire Rating

Class A

Tensile Strength

Control Samples

Liquid water transmission

CD= 40 lbf, MD= 71 lbf



Water Vapor transmission

0.061 (g/m2/hr)


0.05 perms



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