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Pond Liners

Pond liners supplied by Green Energy, stay stable in the hottest and coldest temperatures and do not snag, puncture, or tear due to objects or irregularities in the ground underneath. We provide the best Pond Liners to suit the needs of your commercial/industrial retention ponds and reservoirs. our pond liner hence excellent burst strength; superior puncture-resistant qualities, phenomenal grab tensile strength, amazing hydrostatic resistance qualities, and awesome tongue tear resistance. Even when the liner is exposed, it stands up to both, UV rays and harsh weather. We offer a wide range of Pond Liners. We can supply the best industrial polyethylene pond liner product that is built to be incredibly tough and designed to last for generations of performance. we supply Waterproof Tarp USA we also provide heavy duty tarps USA


Benefits of Pond Liner:

  • ✔ Easy to install.
  • ✔ Safe for both plants and fish.
  • ✔ Excellent tear and puncture resistance qualities.
  • ✔ Amazing flexibility you can rely on, even in very cold temperatures.
  • ✔ Inherent hydrocarbon and chemical resistance properties.
  • ✔ Tremendous anti-burst strength

Feature & Benefits of Pond Liner:

  • ✔ Made with: HDPE granule, LDPE/LDPE and LLDPE combination carbon black, UV stabilizer.
  • ✔ Available in: 300 micron to 1000 micron thickness with 12 feet width.
  • ✔ Colour : Black/Black.
  • ✔ Pond lining for water storage.
  • ✔ Canal lining.
  • ✔ Dumping ground.
  • ✔ Waste management.
  • ✔ Oil and chemical lining storage.
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