Lumber WrapLumber Wrap

Lumber Wrap

At Green Energy, we supply high-quality products consistently. We ensure that our products have high physical properties like tensile & tear. Customers can rest assured that their products will be protected against all kinds of damage. These Lumber Wrap series can be used for all varieties of Lumber products. Special formulation ensures high UV resistance. Lumber Wraps provided by us protect your product in any climate, it has a protective layer between your product and the atmosphere (air, moisture, and dust). Our Lumber Wraps are made using virgin material and the products are soft, durable, and easy to handle. They take the shape of a bundle and can last up to more than a year exposed to sunlight. Being 100% recyclable, it works in sync with the Go-Green initiative. and wr provide Lumber Wrap USA and we have best Lumber Covers Protect. We are Official lumber wrap suppliers


Lumber Wrap

Lumber Wrap is designed for maximum protection against extreme weather conditions, abrasion, transit, and handling damage. These are ideal protective packaging for; lumber, plywood, kiln-dried lumber, treated wood, remanufactured wood, I-joists & beams, structural panels, all types of sidings, and other building materials. These wraps supplied by us are engineered to provide strong protection and make perfect protective packaging for all such requirements. With our supplied lumber wraps you can be sure that your product will arrive completely protected. Get premium protection with exceptional tear resistance, strength, durability, and whiteness. Weather and sunlight resistant, our wraps are ideal for long-term storage. Available in various weave strengths, colors, laminations, coatings, and paper backing lumber bags.


  • ✔ Environment-friendly and recyclable.
  • ✔ Strong tensile and tear strength.
  • ✔ Long-term protection for your products.
  • ✔ Eliminates zebra pattern effects.


    • Our Lumber Wraps come with excellent properties like tear strength, puncture resistance, and dimensional stability.
    • Made with: HDPE Granule, LDPE / LDPE and LLDPE combination carbon black, UV stabilizer.
    • Available in: Thickness: 120 microns to 300 microns with 6,7 and 8 feet width
    • Colour: Yellow / Yellow, Blue/ Blue, Black/Black

Also available as per customized requirements.

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