Heavy Duty Contractor BagsHeavy Duty Contractor Bags

Heavy Duty Contractor Bag

Heavy-Duty Contractor Bags are used to collect items that have sharp corners or edges, including glass, wood, metal, and cardboard, making them suitable for use in kitchens and construction sites. These bags are constructed of LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), which is tear, impact, and puncture-resistant.
The selection of contractor bags by Green Energy-, is the ultimate in toughness. They hold waste to make disposal easier and safer. They also help keep workers from coming into contact with waste, reducing the risk of contamination and injury. we also deal in Bag Heavy Duty, we have construction bags USA


These bags are used in commercial and industrial facilities and wherever waste needs collecting and disposal. They are extra heavy-duty and can carry sharp waste, rough debris, and other heavy-weight. These bags are sturdy and tough, there are no side seams or gussets that can weaken the bottom and low-density plastic keeps heavy or wet trash from stretching holes in the bag.
Heavy Duty contractor bags are not only strong and durable, but they are also easier to lift and carry with less concern of a back injury. These bags will also easily handle yard cleanup, seasonal storage, or donations.


  • ✔ Ox-Strength, Extra Heavy Duty Contractor Trash Bags & Plastics.
  • ✔ Great for construction/ demolition debris.
  • ✔ Heavy-duty design.
  • ✔ Demanding residential use & bare-bones ‘on-the-go’ emergency kits.
  • ✔ Produced from high quality, super-tough and durable plastics, puncture-proof to even sharpest materials.
  • ✔ Provide maximum resistance to punctures and tears.
  • ✔ Designed to hold the toughest and most rough objects around. Including sharp and irregular-shaped items such as glass, nails, metal, wood, and cardboard.
  • ✔ Save the environment – Our bags are made from at least 90% percent recycled material. Feel good knowing you are reducing landfill waste without sacrificing quality.
  • ✔ Never waste a Bag – Bags are packed neatly and dispersed one at a time so no bag ever goes wasted.


    • ✔ Construction debris, demolitions.
    • ✔ Heavy-duty clean-ups.
    • ✔ Yard work.
    • ✔ Garage clean-up.
    • ✔ Workshop.
    • ✔ Heavy-duty Storage.
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