Fibc Construction BagFibc Construction Bag

FIBC/ Construction Bag

Fibc Construction Bag and FIBC bags or construction bags are used in many arrays of industries and for various different applications. There are majorly 2 types of construction bags – Coated and Uncoated.
Coated FIBCs are made with a laminated layer of polypropylene film to provide a moisture barrier, dust prevention, and weave stability, Uncoated FIBCs are made without a layer of lamination that coated bags have. Their weave construction allows air to pass through. The type of product you will be storing and shipping will determine whether you need a coated or an uncoated bag. Green Energy helps you with the supply of both types of FIBC Bags. and we are also the Manufacturer Bags we are Provides Bags USA and we have quality products like PP Fibc Bags


Fibc Construction Bag

Applications of Coated Bags:

  • Transporting and storing dry and free-flowing products that come in granule, powder, or crystal form such as:
  • ✔ Flour, detergents, or salt.
  • ✔ Fine minerals like sand and sugar.
  • ✔ Various chemicals, glass, steel, and milled corn.

Applications of Uncoated Bags:

  • Uncoated bags are typically utilized for:
  • ✔ Products that require breathability.
  • ✔ Food products, such as potatoes, onions, peanuts, tree nuts, coffee beans, etc.
  • ✔ Minerals such as rocks, gravel, sand, etc.
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