What is PP hollow sheet?

PP hollow sheet is a polypropylene blending raw materials through the hollow plate production line extrusion, sheet cross-section of a lattice shape, it is also called hollow grid plate.

Globally also called double-wall (Polypropylene Sheet), in the country called on more, such as plastic hollow board, plastic hollow board, PP hollow board, was also called honeycomb panels, which are related to people use habits. Rich color PP hollow board diversity, the thickness is also adjustable, PP hollow plate thickness ranging 1.8MM-12mm, maximum width 2300 mm. Length according to customer requirements.

PP hollow board material determines that it has a non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and shockproof performance. Factories can be blended according to different requirements made of flame retardant masterbatch hollow board, and fire protection requirements apply to high areas, such as Christmas items, outdoor billboards, and air-dried at; blending UV-resistant masterbatch Serve aging, UV PP hollow plate, and used in the construction of the greenhouse roof; Widely used in advertising background, stationery materials, industrial packaging products, shock, etc., our most common are crates, detachable combination boxes, product packaging boxes and boxes in the partition and so on. Green Energy International is one of the best suppliers of the PP Hollow Sheet.

PP Hollow Sheets are mainly used in indoor/outdoor signage, electronics, packaging, machinery, light industry, postal services, food, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, household appliances, advertising, decoration, stationery, magneto-optical technology, bio-engineering, and other medical and health industries. Mainly used in product packaging factory turnover, including common PP hollow boards, anti-static PP hollow boards (surface resistance in the range of 9-11 power of 10 Ω), anti-static PP hollow boards (surface resistance in the range of 10 between 6-9 the power Ω), hollow conductive plate (surface impedance in the range of 3-5 square Ω 10), after a series of processes can be shaped hollow board turnover me anti-static, anti-static hollow plate knife cards, conductive hollow board turnover box, hollow conductive plate knife card.

Uses Of the PP Hollow Sheets

– The turnover of industrial products packaging: Electronic Component packaging crates, plastic pieces turnover box, knife cards separator tank, anti-static turnover me the hollow plate, conductive hollow board turnover me.; turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box. For avoiding damage from electrostatic, the conductive of corrugated plastic can be used as the container for electric parts, food, drink, etc. And it can be circle-used.

– Bags handbags pallet: liner bags, luggage plate, clapboard.

– Packing Material: It is used instead of the traditional packing material such as corrugated paper, wood board, etc.

– Bottle industry: plate glass factory, bottle holder, canned product separator, can care, plate.

– Mechanical industries: machine cushion plate.

– The advertising industry: PP hollow boards display boxes, display, billboards, Corona board.

– Home decorating: ceilings, grille, toilet partitions,

– The furniture industry: coffee table plate, furniture plate.

– Agriculture: all kinds of boxes of fruit, vegetable crates, pesticide containers, food packaging, beverage containers; greenhouse roof.

– Sports products: smart blackboard, paper bags.

– The automotive industry: steering wheel plate, rear separator plate.

– The electrical industry: refrigerator, washing machine back, bulkhead.

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